Chinese Drywall

Do You Think Your Drywall Maybe Contaminated?

Do You Think Your Drywall Maybe Contaminated?

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Contaminated drywall has been an issue lately with toxic residue coating the drywalls. If your home was built in-between the years 2000 and 2007, it may be at risk for contamination and toxic drywall from China. This problem is a result from Chinese companies importing and using a coal contaminate found in power plants with large and unclean smokestacks using coal-fired to power the manufacturing process. This substance is commonly found in firework producing plants and is also known as strontium sulfide, which is an extremely toxic substance in hot and wet environments in areas such as SW Florida. This substance contaminates your home's air by emitting a gas into hydrogen sulfide, carbon disulfide, and carbonyl sulfide and contaminate in the home. This substance has led to serious health and environmental damages as well as harmful damages to your property.
In high level of exposure to the airborne sulfide toxin from the contaminated drywall may cause the following health issues:

  • sore throat
  • sinus irritation
  • coughing
  • wheezing
  • headache
  • dry eyes
  • burning eyes
  • Respiratory infections
  • Life Threatening diseases in extreme cases

Call a Certified and Experienced Drywall Contractor Who Knows the Signs!

There is currently not governmental protocol for the contaminated drywall for contractors to do inspections on it. Many contaminated drywall contractors are professionals with this issue and are experienced in how to treat your properties drywall. Our drywall contractors know how to inspect the drywall for sulfur toxins and eliminate the potential threat. Licensed and certified drywall inspectors from InterNACHI have created the following tips that inspectors are used to identify drywall contamination in your home or property:

  • Any copper wiring or silverware/ jewelry in the house that has been darkened or corroded from several months of toxin exposure.
  • A way to check if the drywall used is contaminated by the manufacture, look at and remove the insulation from the attic to obtain that information.
  • The best method for testing contaminated drywall is taking a sample and sending it to the lab to test for high levels of sulfur.


Contaminated Chinese drywall decreases the value of your real estate property and cannot be repaired once contaminated. The exposure to the sulfur toxic erodes copper wiring and affects the appliances in your home causing them to fail. The most efficient solution to contaminated drywall is to remove the drywall completely from the home and replace it with environmentally and safe drywall in your property. This may take thousands of dollars and many insurance providers refuse to pay for the replacements. Rely on us to provided fair and quality drywall replacement to ensure that your health is not compromised and to skip the lawsuit entirely.


The Contaminated Chinese Drywall has Proof!

The Florida Department of Health has been testing drywall from several Chinese manufacturers and found "a distinct difference in drywall that was manufactured in the United States and those that were manufactured in China. The Chinese samples contained traces of strontium sulfide and emitted a sulfur odor when exposed to moisture and intense heat, while the American sample did not." Keeping this in mind, even though the scientific evidence is not as strong, it is still important to get your Chinese drywall tested. Call today to speak with our drywall contractor and get your drywall inspected.