Wind Mitigation Inspections

What Is Wind Mitigation?

What Is Wind Mitigation?

Minimize storm damage in Naples, FL

It's important to keep your home well-maintained should a storm hit Naples, FL. Specifically, roofing systems that are subpar don't stand a chance against aggressive windstorms. Because of this, a wind mitigation inspection can save you thousands of dollars in structural damage. Wind mitigation makes sure your home is equipped to withstand strong wind and heavy rain.

Make sure your home can weather the storms in Naples, FL. Call us now for your wind mitigation inspection.

Trust us to make sure your home is safe

When Trade Secrets Inspections, LLC conducts our wind mitigation inspection, we'll be check:

  • The condition of your roof
  • Roof-to-wall connections
  • Secondary water resistance
  • Windows, doors and home attachments


These, along with other features, are thoroughly checked. Your inspection is valid for five years per the Office of Insurance Regulation.

We are proud to be an InterNACHI-Certified Wind Mitigation Inspector, as well certified by the Tile and Roofing Industry Alliance. Call today to schedule your inspection.